We also have our own boat! Diasa, the captain, is a PADI Dive Master and experienced Boat Captain. So if you want to enjoy the waters surrounding Lembongan look no further. Snorkelling in crystal clear waters, tours through the islands mangroves and fishing trips can all be arranged during your stay. And if you fancy Scuba Diving then that too can be arranged though our close association with Big Fish Diving. A fully accredited PADI and SSI dive operation just a minutes walk from D&B.

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Nusa Lembongan is one of small islands off southeast coast of the mainland of Bali. This is a fine place to just put your feet up and relax. Main activities included as Snorkeling, Diving and Surfing. The water is some of clearest you will find anywhere and a vivid aqua blue in color. They have the best Coral reed, marine life, colorful fish and warm water. This is one of the best places for snorkel in the world.

We provide some activities package:

  • Snorkeling & Tour Island

Snorkeling is a fun and relaxing way to view the colorful and fascinating world just beneath the ocean's surface. Snorkelers use a clear plastic mask and a short tube to breathe while floating face-down on the surface of the water. This way you can observe coral and marine life without scaring them away the fish with your movements and without having to come up for air every minute. Just floating and being immersed within the underwater scenery is enough to escape the hurdles we encountered in every day life.

Diasa Boat
Nusa Lembongan Snorkeling
Snorkeling Mangrove
Mola Mola
Manta Ray